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Videos & DVDs, original and brand new!

You want to be retro? Then buy the long out of print, VHS cult favorite*
The Cheese Stands Alone from the early 90s! Full of good early stuff, the first Freakybuttrue collection ever commited to some sort of media! Get one. $9.99

*Which cult you may ask? It was the comet chasers with the sneakers who all committed suicide. But the video didn't make them do it, we hope.

The first Freakybuttrue DVD! 
Night of the Yardsale Monkey
More than 70 minutes with animations shorts and all sorts of fun stuff, 21 shorts to be exact! Including:
(as seen on the Sci-fi Channel) And
Chuck Webber's Land of Abusement
(as seen at the 2001 Sundance) That's just smart DVD'n. $9.99 via snail mail, or if you want to use your
crezedit card, you buy one securely online at amazon, which is here.

Good things come in threes. It's Breakfast Served All Day. The latest and greatest from Freakybuttrue. Even more outlandish sketches, animations, films, tests, hidden stuff, the works! Like 95 minutes of stuff!  $9.99 via snail mail, Or you can use your crezedit card and by one online securely at filmbaby, which is here.

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