Crowds lining up early for whatever is next

Without even a clear indication of what they are waiting for, Walter  and Hildergard Cheswick still aren't taking any chances and have already lined up for it, outside their local Walmart.

Walter spoke via satellite on the television program, CROSSFIRES this last Sunday. "This is going to rock our world! And I've had this re-occuring dream that it is going to bigger than the iphone, Starwars, the Wii, The Xbox 360, Blueray or even Ray Charles. Timing couldn't have been better, because the Chewicks are now unable to enter their four bedroom home due to all the other stuff crap/merchandise they purchased after lining up this year. "Giving up our house is a small price to pay to know that our stuff we got standing in line is safe," said Mrs. Cheswick. "Besides, living outdoors is nice, except for going number two, then it's a bit chilly."

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Still the wait for the next big thing will be a long one.  "I don't care how long it takes," adds Walter. "It will be worth every minute, and you can bet that whatever it is, it will kick ass so hard." Reasonable people (buzz killers) however cautioned the couple. "Even though it's fun to get new stuff, it's also costly and costly on the environ--" Luckily the 'reasonable' people were cut short with their hate-rant and beaten to death by a small crowd, for trying to ruin everyone's fun.