The Inverted Jerich Power Plant

The noted physicist Hans Leopold Jerich, (1887-1955) perhaps one of the most gifted minds to ever come out of Luxembourg, died before seeing the final completion of  his Jerich power plant or the movie  "Jaws."  Using a system still not fully understood, Jerich was able to
convert chlorophyll (the active ingredient in plants) into electricity and increase the output by 150,000 to 360,000 times depending on the day of the week. 

Jerich was laughed out of Europe, giggled at in Asia, mocked in Iceland, and snorted at in Canada. Even when a smaller model, known as "Pete" performed perfectly, no one believed Jerich, many because of his choice of clothes. 

Jerich moved his research to the U.S., where his work was largely funded by the
Green Thumb Society of Ann Arbor, MI. The museum purchased the site and re-assembled it at the museum. It was never fully operational but guests who stood  near the protophyll injectors reported an itchy sensation where their bathing suits covered.

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